whats up with this webbed site anyway (an post)

Wherein I say some stuff

Well, it finally happened. I finally got a blog back up and running, something I've been meaning to do for quite awhile.

I've added some CSS styling, colors, backgrounds, good fonts, etc. and will continue to spruce the place up as I grow into it.

Why a blog? Do you realize it's 2022? History is over. Like and subscribe and ring that bell

Yeah, I dunno. This is all part of an examination of how and why I use internet stuff. I grew up with it, from the early days of Free AOL Hours!!! to the hellscape we have now. I'm not too keen on any of it. And I'm looking to build out a little space where I can do my wacky weird things and hopefully avoid most of the poison. Because that's the truth, I've honestly disconnected from much of the rest of the internet. I hang out on a very block-happy mastodon instance, talk to a few people, and read some headlines and research articles. But that's about it. Twitter is fucking horrifying, and Facebook is evil.

Anyways, consider this post a draft, but I'm publishing it anyway because #yolo.