Thinking about being organized (an post)

wherein i document organizational hacks and progress on my own, uh, "organizational journey" i guess. let's not get ahead of ourselves. moving on from the HEADING now ... jesus...

So I have been a life-long journal-keeping (and -losing, lolsob) kind of person, but i've yet to find a good system that works long-term. The only consistent thing so far is keeping a bunch of scattered notes in one or more notebooks. Right now I've been climbing back out of a depression/brainfog/trauma event.

some of my skills are still here and just need to be cultivated, others are seemingly very damaged, and I'm working on coping and adaptive skills to address this aspect.

I have a couple notebooks now, at least, set for different purposes (and with fun stickers!) and I'm keeping them in a consistent place (turns out a mobile place works well for me right now, and I'm still tuning that approach). I am hoping to start implementing some of this consistent weekly planning routine. Having tried plain day-planners and found them lacking, I am looking forward to trying out this approach here, since it's very adaptable and doesn't require a "special" notebook, and this particular timecode takes you to one of the key things I'm so excited about, this roll-over "upcoming" approach is really neat to me and feels approachable and achievable.